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Answering numerous complaints from our visitors that Catherine Palace E-tickets were virtually unavailable for booking online, the Museum has implemented the new Booking Rules — to stop multiple bookings for resale.

A valid ID with a number and photo now should be registered for each person named during the online booking of E-tickets to the Catherine Palace. A registered ID allows buying a Voucher (E-ticket) only once in 30 days.

A Catherine Palace Voucher (E-ticket) must be exchanged for named Palace Entry Ticket(s) at the Palace Ticket Desks on the day of visit. The named Entry Tickets in exchange for Vouchers can be obtained at Palace Ticket Desks only on presentation of the valid IDs used at registration during the online booking.

That is why it is so important to carefully verify all the data provided at registration before payment.

On the day of visit, if no required document is presented by each person registered on a Voucher or there are any discrepancies between the registered and presented IDs or the presented IDs belong to other people, the Voucher (E-ticket) will be cancelled with no refund. In case of any mistakes or typos during registration, the only solution is to cancel the booking and try to re-book.

We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused by these measures, which are absolutely necessary if we want to stop those who have been making it impossible for our visitors to buy E-tickets to the Catherine Palace.