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One more entrance


Dear Visitors

We are pleased to inform that one more entrance to the Catherine Park of Tsarskoe Selo—the Kadetsky Gate Entrance near the Admiralty pavilion—is open from Wednesday, 19 August 2020.

Only three entrances to the Catherine Park opened when Tsarskoe Selo resumed work after a 97-day lockdown from 3 July. Following the requirements of the regional healthcare authorities and the Museum's financial situation affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we had to keep some of the park entrances  closed until any improvements.

Now the following four Catherine Park Entrances (ticketed) are open daily 9.00–21.00 (9am–7pm), entry until 21.00 (9pm):

Dated Tickets available on the day at Park Ticket Booths; Open-Dated Tickets (for one visit, valid through 18 Oct) available online on our website’s Russian version . Hard-copy IDs and documents allowing reduced rates are required.

See what is available for visiting

Alexander Park Entrances (free), open daily 10.00–22.00 (10am–10pm), entry until 20.30 (8.30pm):

All the necessary anti-pandemic safety standards are maintained, including regular disinfection of contact surfaces.


  • Refrain from visiting the Museum if you have symptoms of cold/flu or feel unwell
  • Wear hygienic masks and gloves indoors
  • Keep social distancing of 1.5–2 metres
  • Avoid oncoming groups on park paths
  • Use hand antiseptics
  • Use contactless payment wherever possible

We hope the situation will keep improving and so will our arrangements.