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Parks: Winter Schedule


Dear Visitors

Please note that the Catherine and Alexander Parks of Tsarskoe Selo begin their winter schedule from Monday, 19 October 2020.

Both parks will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., with free admission and more entrances available.

Catherine Park Active Entrances (4 now + 1 from 19 October):

Alexander Park Active Entrances (6 now + 2 from 19 October):

  • Gate opposite the Lyceum and Znamenskaya Church
  • Gate near Imperial Farm
  • Alexander Palace Gate
  • Gate on Spruce Alley (from Alexandrovskaya village)
  • Rose Gatehouse (from Turner Institute)
  • Gate near Large Chinese Bridge
  • Gate near White Tower — from 19 October
  • Gate near Martial Chamber — from 19 October

Alexander Park Cycling Route