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High Note


Saturday, 25 June 2022, 1 p.m.

Admission with Park Tickets (buy tickets online)

On Saturday 5 June at 1 p.m., our Project Associations returns to the Catherine Park after a two-year pandemic hiatus with an Art & Fashion Show, which this year is themed around music and aptly titled High Note.
Associations 2019

Project Associations is about modern fashion inspired by the 300-year-old former imperial residence of Tsarskoe Selo, with all its styles, monuments and artifacts.

Four lead fashion designers of St Petersburg – Tatyana Parfionova, Lilia Kisselenko, Stas Lopatkin and Ianis Chamalidy – will demonstrate their collections under the hand of director Yury Alexandrov of the Sankt-Peterburg Opera music theatre.

The runway shows will start from 1 p.m. and run three times each, with a final gala show at 6 p.m. near the park facade of the Catherine Palace.

Runway Shows' Locations:

Tatyana Parfionova – Maids-of-Honour Garden

Lilia Kisselenko – Cameron Gallery Staircase

Stas Lopatkin – Upper Bathhouse Parterre

Ianis Chamalidy – Catherine Palace Parterre


Partners: Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, OSCAR Catering, Ladoga Industrial Group

General Information Partners: Petrpotsentr JSC, Petersburg Diary Newspaper

Information Partners: World Fashion Channel, Saint Petersburg TV channel, Metro St Petersburg Newspaper, Autoradio, VK Clips, Dress Code Magazine, St Petersburg Fashion Week