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Eight years


4 August is the opening day of our World War One Museum at the Martial Chamber, which welcomed its first visitors after massive restoration in 2014, commemorating the 100th year since the beginning of the war.

The museum display on two floors of about 1,000 sq m has been visited by over 180,000 museum goers in the past eight years.

The first of its kind in modern Russia and dedicated to this particularly tragic period in history, our Russia in the Great War museum has gathered nearly 2,000 artefacts from all Russia and Western Europe. Various weapons, uniforms, medals, photographs and documents illustrate some of the most important events and military operations of that period, as well as the heroism of Russian imperial officers and soldiers. 

Particularly noteworthy: an exact replica of French Nieuport 17 fighter, an authentic Ford T automobile of ca. 1908-14, an armoured car and several howitzers.

Among the 1,200 objects donated to the museum there are two sets of World War One combat utility uniforms generously provided by Sir Peter Jackson, the famous New Zealand director of the movie trilogies The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. Those are superbly crafted replicas of clothing, footwear and ammunition of British and Scottish infantry regiments.

Besides its permanent display, the Martial Chamber offers temporary exhibitions. The current one, Officers' Societies of the Russian Imperial Guard, runs until 18 October 2022.  

On Fridays and Saturdays until 30 September 2022, the WWI Stories on Film project at the Martial Chamber offers a series of free talks and international movie shows about the Great War.

Martial Chamber's address: 5A Farm Road, Pushkin
Open daily except Wednesday
Saturday-Tuesday & Thursday: 10am to 6pm (last entry 5pm)
Friday: 11am to 7pm (last entry 6pm)

Временная схема прохода к Ратной палате
Temporary walking route to the Martial Chamber