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Footprint of Peter the Great


Tsarskoe Selo: The Footprint of Peter the Great is the title of our Museum's publication presented at the Catherine Palace on 23 December 2022.

Following our travelling exhibition project Peter I: The Amber Way's Beginning, the book is our another tribute to Peter I's 350th birth anniversary in 2022.

The book combines eight research articles by the Museum's employees on how the personality, passions and hobbies of the tsar influenced the imperial residence of Tsarskoe Selo which began on 24 June 1710 when Peter gave the estate to his wife, the future Empress Catherine I.

The articles cover topics like a collection of Venetian sculptures brought to Russia on Peter's orders and still adorning the Catherine Park today, and such highlights of the Tsarskoe Sleo collection as paintings by Western European masters not known in pre-Petrine Russia, porcelain of the Kangxi period, and lifetime portraits of the emperor and his relatives.

One of the chapters is on the Amber Room and the history of the Tsarskoe Selo amber collection. It was thanks to Peter that the amber panels, which later became the basis of the world-famous interior in the Catherine Palace, were brought to St Petersburg in the first place.

The articles are authored by the Tsarskoe Selo research workers and collection curators: Iraida Bott, Larisa Bardovskaya, Natalia Lanceray, Elena Kalugina, Elena Eremeeva, Irina Raspopova and Vladimir Vekshin. Publisher: Russian Collection. Quantity of Pages: 232. Language :Russian.

The book is expected at the Official Museum Shop later in 2023.