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The Alexander Palace of Tsarskoe Selo looks great with another installment of Palace in Bloom, our year-long project aimed to bring back the feeling of home and family warmth into the former residence of the last tsar.

The third series of arrangements are themed 'Imperial Weddings'. They consist of begonias, cyclamen, ornithogalum and eucalyptus and are put on display in the Hall with a Slide, the Corner Drawing Room, and the Reception Room of Nicholas II. The Maple Drawing Room of Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna is embellished with white chrysanthemums.

The Alexander Palace was Catherine the Great's wedding present to her beloved grandson Alexander. As Emperor Alexander I, in 1817 he presented the palace to his younger brother Nicholas on his marriage to Princess Charlotte of Prussia, who converted to Russian Orthodoxy and became Alexandra Fiodorovna. Their 25th wedding anniversary was pompously celebrated at the Alexander Palace in may 1842. The palace was the honeymoon retreat for Tsesarevich Alexander (later Emperor Alexander III) and his wife Maria Fiodorovna in 1866 and for Emperor Alexander II's daughter Maria and Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in 1874.

The Palace in Bloom project was launched in September 2023. Through August 2024, twelve series of flower and plant arrangements created by St Petersburg designers and florists in collaboration with the Museum will be succeeding each other monthly in the former private rooms of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna.