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On 26 April 2024, Russia's Ministry of Culture announces the call for nominees for the Likhachev National Museum Awards, Russia's first national awards in recognition of museum professionals.

Dmitry Likhachev (1906–99) was a renowned scholar, literary and culture scientist, linguist, medievalist and art historian. The awards are aimed at increasing the social significance of museum institutions and the prestige of museum professions, as well as attracting public attention to the current state and prospects of the museum sector.

In today's Russia, there are over three thousand museums. Their collections accumulate over seventy million objects cared by more than eighty-three thousand museum workers. The awards are also intended to appreciate their colossal work in preserving and studying national heritage.

The awards will be given in sixteen categories: Curator, Restorer, Researcher, Guide, Museum Director, Museum Attendant, Museum Display, Exhibition Project, Museum PR Campaign, Publication Project, Museum Tour, Museum Special Project, National Treasure, Museum of the Year, Museum Partner, and Service to Cause.

The Likhachev National Museum Awards will be presented at the InterMuseum international forum and festival in Moscow on 23 May.