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Celebrating the International Museum Day on May 18, Tsarskoe Selo offers free entry to the Exhibition of Court Carriages at the Duty Stable pavilion.

Our permanent display features twenty-five imperial conveyances from coronation coaches to sleighs, created by eminent Russian and Western European carriage-makers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The exhibition of imperial carriages is open since 1990 in the former Duty Stable that was built in 1824 to a design by the architects Vasily Stasov and Smaragd Shustov. The carriages on display were used at the Russian imperial court from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

Tsarskoe Selo holds Russia's larges collection of thirty-three Russian and Western European vehicles including state and regular coaches, children's carriages and sleighs from the times of Catherine II, Alexander II and others. Sixteen of those vehicles were regularly used during imperial court ceremonies and coronations.

Address of the Duty Stables pavilion: 8 Sadovaya Street, Pushkin

Entry hours: 10am to 5pm