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Saturday, 20 July 2024, 12pm

This high season we have launched weekly Saturday 12pm tours of the Imperial Farm.

The tours of the nineteenth-century complex of buildings at the edge of the Alexander Park near the Martial Chamber of Tsarskoe Selo are a great opportunity to visit the Imperial Farm designed by the Scottish-born architect Adam Menelaws and built in 1818–28.

Established not only to serve the needs of the imperial court, the farm was also entrusted with the task of selecting the best breeds of livestock for Russian agriculture as a whole. Its Cowshed is now a stable for Orlov trotters, while the other buildings of the complex will soon see the end of their interior restoration.

Starting point: In front of the Imperial Farm (see the map)

Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets are available in advance on our website or on the day at the Martial Chamber, with limited quantity.

Please Note: No Feeding of Farm Animals

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