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Peter's Amber Way


Tsarskoe Selo has launched its travelling exhibition Peter I: The Amber Way's Beginning, which runs at the Sea Exhibition Centre of the World Ocean Museum in Svetlogorsk, northwest of Kaliningrad, 13 May to 19 June 2022 and later is set for Voronezh, Vyborg and Pskov.

The exhibition celebrates the 350th birth anniversary of Peter I (Peter the Great) and is supported by Russia's Ministry of Culture. Besides the history of the Amber Room, the goal of the project is to show the Russian tsar's multifaceted personality as an art connoisseur and rarities collector for a better understanding of his role in the development of cities in the European part of Russia.

Nearly 40 exhibits include images of the Amber Room, paintings and graphics from the museum's collection, amber and semi-precious stone replicas of some artefacts made by the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop. The exhibits illustrate such historical themes as Peter's 1716 journey to Prussia to establish an alliance with King Friedrich Wilhelm I; the two monarchs' exchange of diplomatic gifts; the shipment of Friedrich's amber panels to St Petersburg; the foundation of the Tsarskoe Selo residence; the Amber Room's fate during WWII and rebirth after many decades.

A special treat for visitors is  the recently created VR version of the Amber Room.