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Close to the Private Garden in the Landscape Park (the Catherine Park) stands the Evening Hall, a pavilion whose construction began in 1796 to a design by Piotr Neyelov, but was completed only a decade and a half later to the design of Luigi Rusca.

The Evening Hall consists of a rectangular hall and two small cabinets. Rusca embellished the central part of the main façade with a portico with four Ionic columns, while placing caryatids on low pedestals either side of the windows. As a result of these changes, the pavilion lost the original appearance planned by Neyelov, who proposed to decorate the façades with “palms with trunks made from logs covered with sheet metal and crowns” and took on features of late Classicism with its characteristic tendency towards large areas of smooth wall enlivened by sculpture.

The interior walls of the large hall were faced with artificial marble that perished in the Second World War. The decorative artist Fiodor Shcherbakov adorned the upper part of the walls with a painted frieze depicting deer and cupids in chariots in a park-like setting. The partially extant polychrome ceiling painting was restored after the war.