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Dream in summer night


The Memorial estate "Tsarskoje Selo" has decided to connect that usually exists in different measurements: original subjects from museum funds and product of modern designers of clothes. The exhibition «the Dream in summer night» has opened in the Zubovsky wing of the Ekaterina's palace (an input through the Trailing garden). This exposition – a beautiful epilogue to the art project of "Association" which has passed on June, 23rd this year in the tenth time.

45 suits, the rare subjects of arts and crafts (bronze, mirrors, painting, furniture, a sculpture, chandeliers), installations, images путти and cupids, – all it transfer the main idea and atmosphere of "Associations" – the unique project of memorial estate "Tsarskoje Selo" uniting history and the present, classics and vanguard art. Every year, since 2009, known Petersburg designers create collections haute couture on the subject set by a museum. To have in a museum such holiday of a fashion Olga Taratynova has conceived director ГМЗ "Tsarskoje Selo".

– Why "dream", why «summer night»? Because this holiday is always spent to a fine time of the white nights when «on silk eyelashes dreams gold» fly from blossoming Tsarskoje Selo lindens and starts to seem that maids of honour and gentlemen in the refined dresses walk again in shady avenues of park. Absolute sensation of a deja vu, – the curator of an exhibition, the senior research assistant of a museum Larissa Bardovsky speaks.

The exhibition became result of ten years' cooperation and coauthorship of a museum and the Petersburg fashion designers – Leonid Alekseeva, Elena Badmaevoj, Lilii Kiselenko, Tatyana Kotegovoj, Stasa Lopatkin, Tatyana Parfenovoj and Janisa Chamalidi who in different years took part in the Tsarskoje Selo dramatized defile.

The exhibition connects the past and the present: original museum pieces and design imaginations of modern couturiers. In different corners of Tsarskoje Selo parks fashion designers represented the collections "War and peace", "Baroque", «Game to antiquity», "Anglomania", «the Chinese whim», «the Gothic style: new senses». As directors of the dramatized defile acted Vasily Barhatov, Igor Konjaev and Victor Kramer.

Feature of the project that it passes against unusual exposition space – Tsarskoje Selo parks. The end of June is a short period when the white night dominates. She creates sensation of unreality of the action developed in avenues of a magic garden, reminding Antoine Vatto and Konstantin Somova's pictures. Decorated by an embroidery, a lace, bugles and a metal thread of a dress, air шифоновые туники, scarfs and a coat, suits of fantastic heroes as if soar over Time, connecting epoch and people.

The exhibition installations created on motives of palace interiors, and the stylised park zone include museum objects, sketches of plafonds and decor elements, create the authentic historical environment for imaginations of artists. Theatrical artists Yury Suchkov, Elizabeth Vasilkovsky, Yana Glushanok who successfully co-operate with a museum, open mysticism of works of art. Ancient mirrors and gilt bronze help to feel the remote past. Playful путти from a XVIII-th century look in a hall, considering dresses together with visitors of an exhibition. Imperceptibly the spectator plunges into the history of a fashion told by modern fashion designers in which creative experiences classical motives change under modernism laws.

Participation in Tsarskoje Selo defiles has affected creativity of each fashion designer. Parks, palaces, their decor and images of the past were embodied in searches of special art forms. In products of the couturier there lives harmony of art of old masters and motives of garden flowers and plants, and decorative details – a key to an image of a certain epoch.

Each designer for these years had a figurative world and there were favourite motives. The most remembered imaginations embodied in silk, шифоне, brocade, became exhibits of this exhibition.

10:00 – 18:00 (cash desk and an input of visitors till 17:00)

The day off: Monday

Adult – 100 rbl.

Pensioners of the Russian Federation and Byelorussia, cadets, military men of involuntary service, members of the unions of artists, architects, designers of Russia – 50 rbl.

Pupils (since 16 years), students – 50 rbl.

Visitors till 16 years – it is free