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Colour of Lilac


9 June to 10 July, the Evening Hall pavilion in the Catherine Park houses the exhibition Colour of Lilac, brought to you by Tsarskoe Selo together with St Petersburg's Watercolour Artists Society to celebrate the 150 birth anniversary of Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna (6 June 1872–17 July 1918) and her favourite lilac blooms.

The showcased watercolourists include Yury Shevchik, Lucia Kovaleva, Marina Fazanova, Katerina Shilyaeva, Nina Bogatkova and Elena Mornova, each of them with a distinct style and manner.

Their over 40 works on display are focused on lilacs, one of the signature feature of Tsarskoe Selo and St Petersburg in May and June.

The parks of Tsarskoe Selo first had lilacs planted in the 18th century. The lilac blossoms and scent were most-liked by Empress Alexandra, who often had the flowers in her Mauve Room, a boudoir decorated in lilac colours, and in the Palisander and Maple Drawing Rooms of the Alexander Palace.

Our lilacs' bloom is delayed due to a colder May this year, but now visitors can enjoy their wonderful colours both in the parks and this exhibition.

Open: 9 June to 10 July, Thursday to Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed: Wednesday
Admission: Free with park tickets