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Destroyed during the war years, the White Tower was restored in the 1990s: the historical volume-spatial solution was recreated; façade architecture, including carpentry infills and elements of metal decor and sculptures of knights; rough interior finishes completed.

Repair and restoration work was suspended in the period 2000-2011.

In 2013, work was completed on the restoration of the facades and historical brickwork of the walls and vaults of the basement floor, the reconstruction of the interiors of the premises, the repair of engineering networks and the installation of engineering and security and fire equipment, after which the museum's interactive center was opened in the building.

During the operation of the building, defects in the waterproofing of terraces and balconies were revealed, which leads to regular soaking and, as a result, the appearance of facade defects.

In 2019, CJSC "Restoration Design Research Center "SPETIALIST" developed a working project for the preservation of the cultural heritage site "White Tower".

In 2021, an agreement was signed with Zakomara Restoration Company LLC for the execution of works provided for by the project:

preparatory work, installation of inventory scaffolding;
waterproofing of the upper platform, balconies and terraces;
cleaning and restoration of plastered surfaces and facade elements made of limestone and granite;
restoration of brickwork, terraces and stairs;
repair of window and door wooden facade fillings;
sculpture restoration;
copper roof repair;
replacement of roofs of protruding parts of the building, gutters and pipes made of galvanized steel,
cleaning and restoration of metal elements of facades;
biocidal treatment of facade surfaces,
facade painting.
The planned completion date for the work is November 2023.

The source of funding is extra-budgetary funds of the museum.