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• Great Pond Ferry Service (closed)

Audio-guided tours (in Russian only) on Great Pond of Catherine Park to Hall on the Island and Chesme Rostral Column

Opening Hours


No rides in rain or strong wind

Ticket Booths:

13.00–17.45 Friday at Ferry Pier (near Admiralty)

11.00–17.45 Saturday and Sunday at Ferry Pier (near Admiralty)

No service Monday through Thursday

11.00–18.00 Friday–Sunday at Granite Pier (near Girl-with-a-Pitcher fountain)

October–Late May: Closed


Adults – Rub 200

Students (with ID), visitors of 7–17 years of age – Rub 100

Preschool children – free


Additional Information:

No rides in rain or strong wind
One ride lasts 40 minutes
Max. visitor quantity: 6–12 visitors
Preschoolers allowed only with parental guidance

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