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Amber Room Dessert


As the twentieth anniversary of the Amber Room's revival is approaching, our Museum is going to celebrate it with the Amber Room Dessert.

Often referred to as an "Eighth Wonder of the World", the Amber Room of the Catherine Palace was lost in World War Two and reopened after decades of careful recreation on 31 May 2003.

A week before the date's twentieth anniversary, on 24th May the Wolkonsky Bakery Café at the Admiralty pavilion in the Catherine Park will start serving the Amber Room Dessert, a new mousse dessert designed specially for the occasion.

The bakery responds to the Museum's idea of a special dessert with this fabulous baked chocolate mousse on almond dacquoise (a sponge cake with whipped proteins and nut flour). Wolkonsky's sweet version of the legendary amber masterpiece includes wild cloudberry, a chocolate cameo and "splashes" of edible gold.

According to Katrine Baryshnikova, Wolkonsky's brand chef, the task was extremely difficult as they wanted to convey the originality and elegance of the room and the texture of the “sun stone”. 'We decorated the dessert with cloudberry, which is sometimes called the "royal berry" or "marsh amber". Since amber is believed to have healing properties, we have added one of the most useful berries, lingonberry.'

The Amber Room Dessert will be available at other Wolkonsky cafés as well.