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The Sculpture Study of the Catherine Palace was decorated by Cameron in 1781–83, at the same time as the Painting Study near the Bedchamber. Simultaneously the architect linked the State Blue Drawing-Room and Sculpture Study with a small corridor.

Relief ornament is the chief element in the decoration of the Sculpture Study. The greenish walls are embellished with white Classical bas-reliefs by Martos. The vaulted ceiling is decorated with monochrome painting in the grisaille technique. The door panels contain ornamental carved compositions with painted insets in the form of cameos. On the desk-cum-jardinière decorated with late eighteenth-century views of Tsarskoye Selo stands a gilded bronze candelabrum made in 1783 by the St Petersburg bronze-smiths Basselier and Sperling to a design by Cameron. The armchairs by Andrei Tur and the gilded bronze chandelier with cut glass date from the early nineteenth century. Of particular interest in the display here is a copy made in the first half of the seventeenth century of a Madonna and Child by Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola, 1503–1540).

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